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November 1994 Guangzhou Showa Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. (registered capital US$8 million)

July 1995 Two-wheel shock absorber production started (Wuyang-Honda)

November 1999 4-wheel shock absorber production started (Guangzhou Honda ACCORD)

January 2003 Production of hydraulic steering gear (Guangzhou Honda ACCORD)

4-wheel shock absorber complete set of processing production (Guangzhou Honda ACCORD)

 September 2003 Electric steering gear production started (Guangzhou Honda FIT)

April 2005 Honda China Supply Begins (ZU Electric Steering Gear)

November 2005 Establishment of Wuhan Workshop

December 2006 Share Transfer Guangzhou Development Zone Construction and Development Group Co., Ltd. shares transferred to Showa Co., Ltd.

December 2006 Capital increase US$19 million Registered capital US$31.16 million (approximately 3 billion yen)

March 2007 Wuhan factory started mass production (Wuhan Dongfeng Honda CR-V, CIVIC)

November 2008 Guangzhou factory SA33 million units → 480,000 units can expand environmental improvement

November 2010 Capital increase US$34 million Registered capital US$65.16 million (approximately 5.1 billion yen)

January 2013 Guangzhou Showa Guangzhou Workshop Second Workshop

April 2014 Guangzhou Zhaohe Guangzhou Workshop First Workshop Clean Workshop was completed (SFRD official sample production)

May 2015 Guangzhou Zhaohe Wuhan factory steering gear was built with a cleaning workshop

March 2016 Guangzhou Showa Wuhan Plant DPA mass production

August 2016 Guangzhou 昭AS Guangzhou Workshop IECAS shock absorber production began, Wuhan workshop shock absorbers were built with a cleaning workshop

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